Our workshops display the action fields we seefor Designers to provoke the desired change in the world.
We constantly develop their content further and extend our portfolio.

Our Topics

The following topics represent the action fields we identified within the Sustainable Design field.
Combinations within the displayed topics are possible.
Just talk to us about your ideas.

Design Solutions for Climate Change

The change in climate is measurable and visible. Dealing with current climate crisis scenarios as well as facing potential future threats, this workshop aims to find solutions in all fields.

Design Solutions for Industries​

The ongoing pardigm-shift towards sustainability and information society transforms industries of all kinds.

Products and processes need to be rethought and redesigned.

Design Solutions for Infrastructures

All infrastructures are undergoing a profound systemic change.

Whether it’s education, transport, health, or else: we need to prepare for a sustainable transformation in our community.

Design Solutions for Permaculture

As a resilient life-style on the smallest scale,
permaculture serves as a blueprint for replacing the mass agriculture system as well as a framework for poor and isolated regions.

Design Solutions for The Other 90 Percent

The majority of the population deals with fundamental problems on a daily basis. Finding ways to overcome the grotesque disparity between rich and poor is a big part of a sustainable future.

Design Solutions for Humanitarian Crises

In sudden humanitarian crises it takes too long for professional help to arrive.

Solutions for the rescue of victims and the immediate availibility of basic human needs need to be found.

Open For

  • Designers of all kinds:
    Industrial Design, Product Design, Graphic Design, Information Design, Process Design, Interaction Design, Social Design, Transportation Design, Educational Design, Systems Design, Urban Design, Design Theory, Design Science, Design Research, Design Leadership, Design Management, etc.
  • Creatives of related fields of study:
    Architecture, Engineering, Art, etc.

Our desired partners

  • universites, colleges and other institutions of higher education
  • co-working spaces, creative collaborations, design networks
  • associations, clubs, unions

Objectives and Outcomes

Experience another form of Design
which is as old as humans themselves and has the potential to serve humanity other than maximizing profits. 

Understand Sustainability
rather as a human instinct of existence and preservation rather than another greenwashing  marketing trend.

Combine Design and Sustainability
to find out they are not that far apart from each other and discover their explosive potential to change the world.

Learn about a specific field
all aspects of it, the recent state of the art and factors contributing to or fighting against the development.

Find out why the time is perfect
since one meta-trend is replacing the other, leading to profound changes in all segments of our society.

Explore potential fields of action
for you personally and your further creative career according to your personal values, interests and talents.

Prepare an individual project
free of choice according to your values, interests and talents and find inspiration to make your project a reality.

Practise Design Thinking methods
which give you guidance through every stage of your creative process towards the desired result. 

Feel inspired and empowered
to dedicate your professional career to Sustainable Design and making this world a better place.

Each of our workshops is mapped to endure five consecutive days during the usual working hours. Along four successive lectures each participant will work on an individual project free of choice.

Our mission

  • inform – “Sustainability is your key to a meaningful expertise in design.”
  • empower – “Your creativity has a higher impact than you know.”
  • inspire – “Your future will be brighter than you can imagine.”

Other formats or combinations of existing workshops are possible.
Just talk to us about your expectations and we can see what we can do.


Our prices vary depending on the region and our logistic expenses.
Please contact us for specific offers.