Design Solutions
for Industries

The ongoing paradigm change towards an information society restructures production and service processes in all industries.

The internet is provoking a massive change in how we consume goods and services. The consumer has become a user and has been given a lot more power to influence the market. In order to survive, industries have no other choice but to listen to their needs and therefore have no other choice than adding Sustainability to their facts and figures.

„We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.“

Dave Ramsey

Just like all N:VISION Workshops, the foundation of this workshop is the idea of bringing Design and Sustainability together in their original sense and discover an inspiring and fruitful future for designers who seek to use their creative skills to make a change. The ongoing paradigm change towards an information society proves that we are doing the right thing at the right time.

Based on this foundation, this particular workshop deals with industries. It will introduce the idea of a user-driven market and present all aspects of industries which act as sustainable as possible. Along four consecutive lectures and the guidance and assitstence through an individual project, we will examine different factors of sustainable industries and ultimately come up with strategies, products, processes and services that prepare Designers to work for industrial clients.

Duration: 5 days
Participants: 20-25
Open for: Designers of all kinds as well as relatable disciplines

Objectives and Outcomes

Experience another form of Design
which is as old as humans themselves and has the potential to serve humanity other than maximizing profits. 

Understand Sustainability
rather as a human instinct of existence and preservation rather than another greenwashing  marketing trend.

Combine Design and Sustainability
to find out they are not that far apart from each other and discover their explosive potential to change the world.

Learn about a specific field
all aspects of it, the recent state of the art and factors contributing to or fighting against the development.

Find out why the time is perfect
since one meta-trend is replacing the other, leading to profound changes in all segments of our society.

Explore potential fields of action
for you personally and your further creative career according to your personal values, interests and talents.

Prepare an individual project
free of choice according to your values, interests and talents and find inspiration to make your project a reality.

Practise Design Thinking methods
which give you guidance through every stage of your creative process towards the desired result. 

Feel inspired and empowered
to dedicate your professional career to Sustainable Design and making this world a better place.

What we want to do

The intention of our workshop is not to train designers to serve specific companies.
Instead, we want to let them explore and manifest their individual and independent professional path,
serving the greater goal of a sustainable future for everyone.


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